Are Vibration Plates Good For Losing Weight

Are Vibration Plates Good For Losing Weight in 2021

Everything that is new trends in fitness attracts attention and encourages you to try it. The vibratory machines are an example. With a base that vibrates and on which we stand, we can obtain benefits, especially at the muscular and joint level, but not everything is good with this type of machine. In my opinion, these machines are useful, but only for a small group of people and under proper supervision.

In people with hypertension, injuries, migraines, pregnancy or epileptic, its use is ruled out because vibrations are not beneficial for them. So what benefits do you get from vibrations? When our body vibrates, a stabilization system is set in motion through muscle contractions, and that is where we supposedly benefit from toning muscles. But it is clear that if we just get on top and start to vibrate, the benefits are not going to be many.

That is why the secret of this machine is to know how to use it, that is, to adopt those postures by which our muscles will benefit through vibration. For example, in skiers, it has been used by adopting different resting positions to achieve greater proprioception and do complementary muscular work.

Instead, are vibration plates good for losing weight? Absolutely not. Vibration does not accelerate the heart rate or cause large muscle groups to contract, therefore vibrating machines are not very effective when it comes to losing weight. Some studies suggest a fat loss in rodents, but so far in humans, it has not been the case of a person who has achieved significant fat loss with the only use of these machines. To lose fat, aerobic exercise is the best, and this is not an aerobic machine.

That is why at the beginning I say that the benefits of this machine are going to be for a small group of people. Those in which the vibrations and muscular work benefit the performance of their sport. But for popular athletes, it does not make much sense, since any aerobic or weight exercise will produce greater benefits at the same time.

Of course, for colour tastes, and there will be people who feel better and more toned when using it, I personally have not noticed any benefits. In addition, the fact that most gyms do not have this machine makes me think that in addition to being expensive, it does not quite convince the world of fitness. And you, what do you think of these machines?

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