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Best Multi Cooker Under 100£ Review & Buying Guide 2021

We have all been there before. You go to the store, and you want to buy an electric cooker but you are not sure which one is best for your needs. There are so many options in front of you, but then it dawns on you that this purchase could be a huge dent in your budget! And if not careful, can end up costing more than 100£. That’s why I put together this list of Top 10 Cheap Electric Cookers Under 100£ that will help save money while still being able to cook delicious meals at home.

What is an electric cooker?

An electric cooker is an appliance that heats up food using electricity. It includes a heating element, cooking container and controls to adjust the temperature of the heat inside it. These cookers can be used as either ovens or stoves depending on your needs when you are cooking in them.

The most popular types of electric cookers include stove-top models and counter top ovens which people use for baking things like cakes or pies. However, there are also some interesting options out there if you want something with even less space needed! We will go over those soon enough too… Now let’s get started talking all about the different types of electric cookers.

Stovetop Cookers: these are small, portable models that can be used as either an oven or a stove depending on your needs when you’re cooking with them. They usually have two burners which provide enough space for one large pot and burner to fit at once – but if needed, you can also use just one burner at a time to cook two smaller pots.

-Countertop Ovens: these are often space saving options for those who don’t have much room or want an oven that is portable and easy to store away when not in use – these work just like your standard gas stove, but without the need of any flames! They’ll usually come with a small counter space footprint which makes them perfect for apartment living where there may be limited kitchen storage as well.

Microwave Cookers: this type of electric cooker provides its own special set of features including microwave heating capabilities so it’s capable of cooking anything from frozen dinners to quick microwaved snacks while providing all the convenience you could ask for.

-Large Ovens: these can range anywhere from 24 inches all the way up to 30+inches wide but they come equipped with racks so it’ll be able to hold multiple dishes simultaneously without any difficulty whatsoever and often includes a temperature probe as well to make sure the food is cooked properly.

-Rice Cookers: these are great for anyone who cooks rice on a regular basis and in many cases they can also be used as slow cookers, too! They’ll come with an assortment of different settings so you’ll always know what it’s doing without any problems whatsoever.

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Top 10 Cheap Multi Cooker Under 100£

1. Instant Pot Duo60 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker


  • 13 in one smart touch programs.
  • 5.7 L large capacity
  • it also have latest 3rd generation technology with an advanced microprocessor.

The pressure cooker is made from stainless steel, so I know that it won’t be wearing down on me any time soon. The inside cooking bowl is also constructed of 18/8 food grade stainless steel to withstand even the most damaging foods – like tomatoes and citruses!

Its size (13 x 12.6 x 12.2 inches), finding space to store it in my new kitchen was easily done because I have so few cabinets or nooks for gadgets like this one anyways. The outside’s fingerprint resistant finish saves me more time by not leaving pesky fingerprints on an already busy appliance

The Instant Pot 7-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker is a kitchen workhorse. It can act as an electric pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice/porridge maker and steamer all in one. With its sauté function and yogurt making capability it’s perfect for those who love to cook up elaborate meals from scratch but don’t have the time or energy!

  • Cooks food quickly
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Can make Greek yogurt
  • Great rice cooker
  • Thin aluminum heat-distributing disk
  • Glass lid and steaming containers not included

2. Crock-Pot Express Pressure Cooker CSC051


  • Comes with a recipe book for your first and only pressure cooker
  • 4 different cooking functions
  • Non-stick removable bowl resists stuck-on food for easy cleaning
  • Large 5.6 litre capacity
  • Simple digital controls and 8 one-touch programs to take the most stress out of cooking

The Crock-Pot Express is a multi-cooker that has the power to cook delicious food in far less time than traditional cooking methods. You can make an entire roast chicken or hearty chilli con carne, all while spending only half as much for ingredients and have every dish done at once! The risotto doesn’t take long either; you’ll enjoy gooey goodness with minimal effort (and hassle).

The Crock-Pot is perfect for those who want to make cooking easy by combining 8 built in programs with the ability to pressure cook, steam, sauté and slow cook. With its auto keep warm feature this takes care of your food hours after it has been cooked!

The Crock-Pot is a multi-cooker that can feed the whole family with its large 5.6 litre capacity, and it’s easy to clean after use! Even if you don’t have room for your Crock Pot out all the time, maneuvering this cooker around will fit in tight spaces in cupboards or even transportable when food needs cooked!

  • The One-touch controls are easy to use.
  • The Keep warm setting keeps food hot even
  • It only has one pressure setting
  • it only has one pressure setting

3. Yum Asia Panda Mini Rice Cooker with Ninja Ceramic Bowl


  • Digitally controlled 7 phased rice cooking technology
  • 0.63 Litres, 3.5 cup capacity of uncooked rice (1-3 people)
  • High quality 5 layer 2mm thick ninja ceramic coated inner bowl
  • Smart control panel and 3D surround heating structure

One of the best cheap electric cookers is Yum Asia’s Panda Mini Rice Cooker with Ninja Ceramic Bowl. This product has some great features that make it a perfect choice for any budget conscious individual – but what makes this even better? You guessed it! It also comes in an adorable panda design to brighten up your day. What’s even better than that? The price! It is one of the cheapest electric cookers on this list and you’re getting a great deal for it.

So, how much does this product cost? As mentioned before, this item is under 100£ so what are you waiting for? Grab your wallet (and maybe some delicious rice) now and prepare yourself to make some amazing meals in the comfort of your own home.

Panda is a small and versatile rice cooker. It has the ability to cook many types of rice, from white long grain all the way through sushi brown sticky glutinous. The fuzzy logic technology controls temperatures for an efficient cooking cycle that never disappoints with perfect results every time – taste without burning!

Panda is the perfect little kitchen helper. Not only does it cook rice, but other grains like quinoa and couscous too! It also has plenty of add-ons for soups, stews, steaming vegetables or fish to name a few. This device can be used in any country with 220-240 volts power (just make sure you have an appropriate cord). Panda will do all your cooking needs while saving time – what could be better than that?

  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Easy to clean cast iron material
  • One handed operation – no need to use both hands when lifting hot plate
  • Micom technology lets you control temperature to cook rice more efficiently
  • Designed for perfect results every time and retains nutrients and texture
  • 7 phases allow you to cook various types of rice in a short amount of time
  • The price point is quite high
  • There have been complaints about the rice sticking to the bottom of the pot (although this can be solved by rinsing it off before cooking)
  • Some people find that these models are not sturdy and may break easily when dropped.

4. Crock-Pot CSC046 Slow Cooker


  • Oven safe, dishwasher safe stoneware plus tempered glass lid with cool touch handles
  • 2.4 Litre capacity is ideal for single and smaller households
  • Crock-Pot is the original slow cooker
  • It may be compact, but this is still packed with simple features that make slow cooking so great
  • 2 heat settings offer versatility,

The Crock-Pot CSC046 Slow Cooker, Removable Easy Clean Ceramic Bowl is one of the cheapest and most efficient electric cookers on the market. It’s a great option for anyone who wants to be able to prepare their meals at home without worrying about spending too much money or having to waste time cooking each meal from scratch.

This model comes with features such as an adjustable temperature setting, dishwasher safe ceramic bowl that can also go in the oven up 400 degrees Fahrenheit, three programmable settings (high/low) plus four preset times which include beans/chili, soup/stew, poultry and roast beef so you essentially don’t have to do anything except turn it on! The only downside is that this option doesn’t come with a timer or auto shut-off.

The Crock-Pot Black 2.4L Stainless Steel Slow Cooker is a perfect size for one or two people, and has all the functions you need to cook successfully from home! This sleek appliance features both low and high heat settings with an additional keep warm function so your meal can stay nice and hot until it’s ready to be served. The compact design makes this cooker great for small spaces while not sacrificing any of its quality, as proven by our 5 star customer rating when we polled them on their satisfaction after use – they say that “good things really do come in small packages!”

  • Affordable for a slow cooker – most are priced over
  • 100£Nice size perfect for one or two people and features low, high, and keep warm functions
  • Compact design is space saving but doesn’t sacrifice quality
  • This Crock Pot does not have a timer, so you cannot set it and forget about it
  • The size is great for one or two people but if you’re cooking for three or more this might be too small

5. Wahl ZX916 James Martin Multi Cooker


  • Family sized 4L capacity
  • Non stick easy clean Inner bowl and Dishwasher Safe parts
  • it has 6 functions for steaming, Sautéing, stewing, cooking brown and white rice and for desserts

This is another one of my favorite cookers on the list. This cooker features a sleek design and looks great in any kitchen – not to mention it can do so much more than just make slow cooked food! The Wahl ZX916 James Martin Multi Cooker also has an automatic keep warm function that will ensure your meal stays tasty, perfect for when you’re cooking up dinner late at night or if you want something ready first thing in the morning. Another good feature about this machine is its compact size which makes it super easy to store away. If you have limited space like me then I would recommend checking out this multifunctional appliance.

The Wahl ZX916 James Martin Multi Cooker is one of the many useful tools in your kitchen. This versatile family sized 4L pot has six functions for cooking and can also be used to steam, sauté, stew foods or cook rice or desserts with the adjustable cooking time and keep warm function. The stainless steel housing with blue back lit lights gives it a high-tech look while being robust and durable.

The machine automatically switches from one function to another as necessary. You can use presets or manually control cooking functions depending on your preference. There is no timer that shows how long food has been cooking for so you will need to monitor it yourself while using this electric cooker instead of being able to leave the kitchen area like some other cookers allow you too which makes them more convenient for busy people who want a hassle-free meal but are still in contact with their families…

  • Sleek design
  • Compact Size
  • Automatic Keep Warm Function
  • Can Make Food For Three Different Types of Cooking – Slow Cook, Brown and Stew
  • Non-Stick Interior
  • Cooking functions are pre-set so you can’t change them yourself.
  • Control Panel Design Could Be Improved
  • The Bottom Is Slippery So It’s Difficult To Move Around When Not On A Flat Surface (i.e. counter)
  • Difficulties In Cleaning Because There Are No Holes For Water To Drain

6. Russell Hobbs 19750 Rice Cooker and Steamer


  • Large 1.8 Litre capacity bowl with handy keep warm function
  • Includes additional tray for steaming fish or vegetables
  • Non-stick removable bowl
  • Includes spatula and measuring cup
  • Elegant and easy to clean stainless steel base with a glass lid

The Russell Hobbs Rice Cooker and Steamer is a great little appliance. It’s simple to use and it has fantastic reviews on Amazon, so I think you’ll find this was the perfect choice for your home! The first thing that makes this cooker awesome is its low price – at just under £40, it’s one of the cheapest electric cookers in my list!

This model also comes with extra functions: steaming food like fish or vegetables as well as making rice if needed. This means that there will always be something that you can make using this cooking machine without having to worry about purchasing an additional item.

It may not have all of the features found on more expensive models but reviewers love how easy-to-use this model is. The non-stick cooking pot and pan are also great for those with a busy lifestyle!

  • Automatically switches off when food is ready
  • It also have keep warm function
  • Stylish and easy to clean stainless steel base with a glass lid
  • It’s not big enough for larger families
  • It does take quite a bit longer than most electric ovens do to cook your food

7. Crock-Pot Multi-Cooker CSC024


  • Large 5.6 Litre capacity is ideal for larger families
  • Digital display timer with easy-to-use controls
  • Dishwasher-safe, removable bowl reduces washing up
  • Roast, saute, steam, bake, sear and slow cook all in one pot with this digital multi cooker and slow cooker

Modern families are busy, so cooking a meal that everyone will enjoy can seem like an impossible task.

There’s no need to compromise on taste when you’re using the Crock-Pot Multi-Cooker CSC024 5.6 Litre Digital Slow Cooker with Casserole and Roasting Rack. It combines all of your favourite cooking methods into one convenient appliance, making it easy for you to cook delicious meals every time.

With its large capacity and digital display timer, this multi cooker makes meal planning simple for even the most hectic households! The versatile design allows you to steam rice or fish in minutes; slow cook casseroles, curries and stews; bake cakes or pies; sear meat for Sunday roasts; roast vegetables over dinner – all at once! You’ll save valuable time without compromising on flavour thanks to its versatility, which means there’s more room in your schedule for other things too! This is the perfect

  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable temperature and timing settings
  • No more guessing the right cooking time
  • Perfect for all types of food, not just meat
  • No delayed start timer
  • Non-stick pot

8. Tefal Multi-Cook Advanced 45-in-1 Multi-Cooker


  • 9 different cooking functions with 45 pre-programmed cook settings.
  • 5-litre capacity.
  • Comes with a steam basket, rice spoon, soup spoon, spoon rack and measuring cup.
  • Patented spherical bowl for improved heat circulation and consistent cooking.

The Tefal Multi-Cook is an all in one kitchen appliance that will make your life easier by allowing you to prepare a wide range of dishes. With 45 different settings, the Multi-Cook can do everything from baking bread to making soup and everything in between. The multi layer spherical pot ensures consistent results even when cooking with less expensive ingredients like rice or pasta as well!

The Multicook includes tefal’s patented, multi-layer spherical pot which is ultra durable and helps provide constant outcomes across a variety of meals. The Tefal Multi-Cook is one of the most versatile kitchen appliances, as it can boil rice and cook meat all in a single pot. With cooking times ranging from 3 to 17 hours on low settings, this cooker has something for any recipe you want to make.

A 5kg model at not lightest we’ve discussed but with its own handle makes moving it around your kitchen easy while also making cleaning up just as simple! The fully dishwasher safe design means washing after each use will be no trouble either.

  • Step by step recipes displayed on the multi-cooker.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Looks a little dated.

9. VonShef Square Multi Cooker


  • 5 different cooking functions.
  • 5-litre capacity.
  • Comes with pan and glass lid.

The VonChef Square Multi-Cooker is an electric frying pan with a lid. It can do everything that the other multi-cookers on this list could, but it cannot be used in place of a slow or pressure cooker.

The difference between the VonChef and all others pans out there is depth: anything pot based will require you to use your stove top for cooking, while any foods cooked via air fryer methods (i.e., “fried” food) would need their own special attachments as well – luckily they’re sold separately!

This 3kg cooker is an ideal size for anyone looking to make a light meal without too much fuss. The thermostat dial makes it easy and convenient to quickly cook up any dish you like, while the small design means that storage space isn’t wasted on bulky appliances instead of essentials such as pots and pans!

  • More suitable for one person than other options.
  • Easy to store.
  • Not as versatile as other products on this list.
  • No pre-set programs.

10. Tefal RK302E15 Multicook 8-in-1 


  • Pre-set programs (i.e., one touch).
  • Extra high capacity up to 16 litres/30pounds.
  • Comes with non-stick inner pot, removable steamer baskets and frying pans.
  • Comes with a rice spatula spoon, measuring cup and spoons.

Have you been looking for a new appliance to make your cooking life easier? Interest: The Tefal RK302E15 Multicook 8-in-1 is the perfect solution.

With its electronic control panel and delayed start function, it’s easy to cook a wide variety of foods with minimal effort. It also has an automatic keep-warm function so that food stays hot and ready when you need it. This multi-cooker is stylish with its black and stainless steel finish and a non-stick removable bowl for easy cleaning.

It includes 5 Litres (10 cups) capacity, which can be used in different ways – from steaming vegetables to frying eggs or making soup – all without using more than one pot! And don’t forget about the free recipe book included in this package! 

The cheapest electric cooker under 100£ with a vast choice of options and features. The perfect solution for those who want to start cooking healthier, more delicious meals at home without breaking the bank!

It has all you need in one appliance: steamer baskets, frying pans and pots that are removable so they can be taken straight to the dishwasher for easy cleaning after use. It also comes with many useful accessories, including a rice spatula spoon, measuring cup and spoons, allowing you to cook just about anything from some pasta sauce to a delicious dessert.

  • Plenty of programs
  • Simple digital controls
  • It has a timer that can be set to 30 minutes or any time you want.
  • it is also energy-efficient
  • Delayed start and auto keep warm option
  • A removable and dishwasher safe PTFE non-stick coated bowl
  • No time delay for slow cooking
  • The pot doesn’t retain heat at the table

Considerations When Buying a Multi-Cooker

Multi-cookers are an increasingly popular appliance in the kitchen. They allow people to spend less time cooking and more time doing other things they enjoy, such as spending quality with family or working on a hobby. When considering what type of multi-cooker you want for your kitchen it is important that you keep some points in your mind.


First up, Multi-cookers. These are the perfect appliances for people who want to cook but don’t have time! Some of these come with a range of functions that allow you to make one dish or an entire roast dinner – no matter what your needs may be and how many mouths there might be in need of cooking food at once they’ve got it covered.

Some multi-cookers even offer additional features like slow cook so if you’re not feeling well from working hard all day this is just the ticket! You can also put some meat on before work then set it and forget about them until later when everyone’s hungry again after coming home tired from their long days…

The minimum functions a multi-cooker should have include:

  • Frying
  • Sautéing
  • Braising
  • Browning
  • Boiling/Simmering

Inbuilt Programs

For those who are not as confident in cooking, having a device that can do the work for you with pre-programmed settings is an invaluable resource. Those unfamiliar with such devices may find themselves trying to figure out how it works and spend more time on trial and error than they would like when food preparation could be done faster through one of these helpful programs.


The size of a multi-cooker matters, because you don’t want to purchase one that can only produce enough food for two people. A 4 liter capacity is usually sufficient for most dishes; however it may be necessary to choose an option with more room if your cooking needs require something larger than this standard volume.

Ease of cleaning

It might sound like a chore, but washing up the dishes is actually quite easy. And for good reason too! You have to do it after every meal and you can’t just leave them in there forever because they’ll get gross eventually. Luckily with your multi-cooker dishwasher safe components are never hard to clean since everything comes out of that bad boy as sparkling new once more. All you need to make sure though before throwing all your parts into the dishwasher is checking if this will damage any nonstick surfacesIt might sound like a chore, but washing up the dishes is actually quite easy.

And for good reason too! You have to do it after every meal and you can’t just leave them in there forever because they’ll get gross eventually. Luckily with your multi-cooker dishwasher safe components are never hard to clean since everything comes out of that bad boy as sparkling new once more. All you need to make sure though before throwing all your parts into the dishwasher is checking if this will damage any nonstick surfaces and more.


We hope you enjoy this list of the ten cheapest electric cookers on the market today. With these affordable options, it’s never been easier to find a high-quality appliance that won’t break your budget! Which one are you going to buy? Let us know in the comments below!


1. What is the best multi cooker for me?

There are a lot of different brands, sizes and shapes of multicookers on the market today. And it can be hard to know which one is the best for you! I’ll be going over a few things to consider before buying your next multicooker.

  • What size and shape are you looking for? (A rectangular one may not fit into all kitchen cabinets.)
  • Does it matter if my multicooker has a timer?
  • What are the features I should look for in my next multicooking appliance? (Different brands will have different extras like nonstick coatings or adjustable cooking plates.)

2. What Size and Shape Am I Looking For?

As mentioned before, there’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to cookware. If you’re looking at purchasing your first multicooker then make sure to consider whether you want an electric stove top or gas stovetop as well as what shape of induction cooker might work best for your kitchen. A rectangular one may not fit into all kitchen cabinets!

If you already own another type of cooker but would still prefer to purchase a new multifunctional cooking appliance to save space and time then you’ll also need to think about the size. For instance, a multicooker which has room for two pans might not fit in your kitchen if it doesn’t have enough support on the back of its countertop or is too heavy to be lifted over there.

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