Best Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner Under £100

Best Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner Under £100 In 2021

Dusting the house is one of the most annoying tasks when you spend the week working. To this is added the difficulty that there are many times to reach the most inaccessible areas of furniture, beds, curtains, and floors. Cylinder vacuum cleaners are one of the most practical ways out there to easily clean house dust. We present you with the 10 best cylinder vacuum cleaner under 100.

Top 5 Best Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner Under £100

1. Cecotec Conga Wet & Dry Aspirator for Solids and Liquids

Power: 1400 W | Power regulator: Yes | Weight: 6 kg | capacity: 15 L | Filters: HEPA filter and water filter | Cable length: 7 m. |

If you live in a big house and you are looking for a bagless vacuum cleaner with a lot of power, for solids and liquids, I think this is very good for its quality price

It is one of the main advantages of this Cecotec Conga Wet & Dry vacuum cleaner for solids and liquids. It is a double filtering through a Hepa filter and water . This means that all the dirt, dust, mites and bacteria will remain in the water without any external contact.

I think it is one of the vacuum cleaners with the most efficient filtering ( 100% effective ) and because of the clean sensation it leaves, it is ideal for allergic people. Due to its size, the power is expected to be high. That’s right and thanks to its power regulator you can vacuum any floor, including carpets, quickly and with energy savings.

In our opinion, I see this vacuum cleaner more for a single-family house where you have different surfaces, such as a terrace, a garage, a balcony, a patio, etc. since it allows to suck from earth, fine dust, sand, to liquids in small quantities. It also has the option of blowing, although I see it interesting only for specific areas such as workshops or very difficult to access.

As for the accessories it brings , we can highlight the following (it makes it quite versatile):

  • Hard floor brush quite effective for all types of surfaces and dirt.
  • Special brush for park or platform.
  • Nozzle for upholstery and textiles, ideal for catching the hair of your pets both on sofas, carpets or for the car.
  • 2-in-1 accessory with brush for furniture and for corners and corners.

Remember to follow the instructions on how to change the water, important if you are going to vacuum solids. To find the HEPA filter you must lift the top cover and unscrew the inner cover.

A frequently asked question is whether it can be used to vacuum ashes. Well, we do not recommend this use, because if you are not very careful, it can clog and damage the filters. If you need a specific vacuum cleaner for ash and pellets, I recommend the Conga PowerAsh 1200.

Although it is not the most comfortable vacuum cleaner in the world, it moves well and without effort. In addition, both the flexible and rigid tubes are quite long, giving you a radius of action of 7 meters. Of course, if you are a tall person, you will have to bend down a bit.

In short, it is an all-in-1 vacuum cleaner , it sucks up liquids, solids, dust, hair, etc. with a very efficient filtering and easy to transport and clean. Although the materials are not of the best quality, I think that for the price you will not find anything better; high power, quality filtering, suitable for both solids and liquids and ideal for large houses and exteriors.

  • Excellent power.
  • Very large deposit.
  • Very versatile, vacuum solids and liquids.
  • Easy and fast maintenance and cleaning.
  • Noise.
  • The cable would be better longer. It does not have a cable collection.

2. AmazonBasics Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Power: 700 W | Power regulator: Yes | Weight: 4.4 kg | Capacity: 1.5 L | Filters: 1 HEPA washable | Cable length: 5 m | Liquids: No | Pet hair: Yes | Wood floor brush: Yes

If you are looking for one of the best vacuum cleaners in quality price, very compact, easy to use and low noise, I think this is a good option.

If you have a small house, you will appreciate having a vacuum cleaner as compact as this one. It is easy to store and due to its size it is comfortable to use and transport thanks to the handle. In addition, it is manageable and moves well thanks to the wheels, as well as its size.

Of course, even if it has 2 speeds or power levels (max. 700W), perhaps I only recommend it for a small apartment or as an auxiliary to a robot vacuum cleaner or a Dyson-type sled. In addition to the fact that you will not have to spend a fortune, it is a very simple to use and clean vacuum cleaner :

  • Useful accessories : it comes with a brush that sticks to the floor, valid for hard floors such as wood, flooring or stoneware. In addition, it is comfortable to use thanks to the extendable bar, even if you are tall or tall.

It brings you another small brush very useful for upholstery and sofas, another for delicate surfaces such as furniture and another accessory for grooves and hard-to-reach areas.

  • Easy to use : since it only has a power button and the power regulator, you won’t even have to open the manual. It also has another button to collect the cable. The accessories are easy to connect and both the filters and the tank are easy to empty and clean, even under water.

If you don’t want to be emptying the tank, I often recommend the 2.5L vacuum cleaner, even if it is a slightly larger and heavier vacuum cleaner.

In short, it is a small vacuum cleaner, very handy, little noisy and with little consumption (label A), but with enough power to suck up both the dust and the hair of your pets. In addition, it has HEPA 12 filters to filter out all dust mites and very fine particles.

I think that for the quality price it has it is a robust vacuum cleaner, it has decent materials and it is a good option to combine it with a robot vacuum cleaner.

  • Price quality
  • More than enough power
  • Little noisy
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Compact
  • Long tube
  • The 2.5L is not so manageable
  • You have to wash the filters often so that you do not lose suction

3. Conga EcoExtreme 3000

Power: 700 W | Power regulator: Yes | Weight: 4.5 kg | Capacity: 3.5 L | Filters: Yes, washable | Cable length: 5.5 m | Brushes: 1 pet hair for sofas/rugs/carpets, 1 parquet, 1 furniture, and 1 corners | Liquids: No | Pet hair: Yes | Wood floor brush: Yes

If you are looking for a powerful and versatile bagless vacuum cleaner to clean as quickly and comfortably as possible, I think this is the most complete at a competitive price.

With the Timecyclonic Pro system, this Conga EcoExteme 3000 canister vacuum cleaner is able to maintain constant power at all times. Thanks to the UltraPower technology and its 2 speeds, the eco mode for daily and the special turbo mode for carpets, your whole house will be like new.

At half power it sticks to the ground or a thin carpet! Fully suitable for vacuuming animal hair. We have to tell you that it does it really well thanks to the special brush, even if you have a lot of it.

This is thanks to accessories such as:

  • Special rotary Airbrush brush for pets that makes cleaning sofas or carpets fast and effective.
  • Accessory for grooves and corners, very useful for places as difficult as windows or baseboards.
  • Furniture brush is suitable for delicate areas and even for cleaning electronic devices.
  • Large special brush for delicate floors such as parquet or parquet: it is quite effective in one pass as it quickly sucks up dirt, lint or hair.

As for the filter, it is washable and of the Hepa type, it is capable of trapping all allergens from dust and hair. The emptying and cleaning of the tank are very easy and comfortable.

It has a 3.5L tank , one of the largest on the market! Another thing we like is the parking system to place of vertically and occupying as little as possible. As for consumption , tell you that it has the 3AAA label so the performance in relation to energy expenditure is quite contained.

You may have to connect an extension cable since the one it brings measures about 5.5 meters. Remember to wash the sponge-type filter inside the tank and let them dry well so that the power is always at 100%

In short, it is a very comfortable and handy bagless vacuum cleaner that will allow you to do a complete and quick cleaning of both your pets’ hair and dust.

I think that for the price it has, the suction power is one of the best you can have at the moment, as well as very complete.

  • Good suction power
  • Excellent value for money
  • Special brush for pets
  • Great efficiency
  • The cable could be longer
  • Maybe more unstable than other models
  • It is not so easy to clean the filter

4. Duronic Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner VC7020

Power: 800 W | Weight: 7.5 kg | Capacity: 2.5 L | Filters: 1 HEPA washable | Cable length: 5 m | Pet hair: Yes | Wood floor brush: Yes

If you are looking for a powerful and cheap bagless vacuum cleaner to clean as comfortably , I think this is the most complete at a competitive price.

The Duronic VC7020 cylinder vacuum is a compact home vacuum cleaner that uses cyclonic technology to deliver exceptional results. This energy class A + bagless vacuum cleaner will surprise you with its high performance, as this classification means that the vacuum cleaner consumes less amount of energy compared to other less efficient vacuum cleaners, thus reducing the cost of electricity.

This bagless vacuum cleaner is equipped with a motor with cyclonic technology that filters the sucked air several times before expelling it. Once filtered, the small dust particles are retained in the HEPA filter of the vacuum cleaner, obtaining an environment free of the mites that cause allergies. Thanks to the powerful 800 W motor and the power regulator, you can adapt the suction force according to the surface. Integrated thermostat helps extend engine life.

The Duronic VC7020 vacuum cleaner includes a set of interchangeable accessories: a telescopic steel tube, a 1.5 m flexible hose, a small brush for sofas, a nozzle for cleaning hard-to-reach places and two large brushes for hard surfaces and rugs. This bagless vacuum cleaner also has a 5 meter long cable that can be wound inside the vacuum cleaner by simply pressing the cable management switch.

The 2.5-liter transparent dust container lets you know when it’s time to empty it and is easily removed thanks to the clip closure. Thanks to the reusable HEPA filter, you will no longer have to buy more bags for your vacuum cleaner; just remove it and wash it with running water. Unlike other vacuum cleaners, the Duronic VC7020’s dust container is located at the front of the unit, which prevents dust from falling to the ground when emptying.

  • An extra-long cable that avoids having to change the power outlet constantly.
  • The standard head has obtained the highest score on hard floors and cracks.
  • The filter is easy to clean.
  • The transparent dust container allows you to see at all times when it needs to be emptied.
  • Some cumtomer complaining about power.

5. Hoover Breeze Pets BR71BR02 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

Power: 700 W | Weight: 4.1 kg | Capacity: 2 L | Cable length: 7.5 m | Pet hair: Yes | Wood floor brush: Yes

If you are looking for a bagless vacuum cleaner to clean for pet hair, I think this is the best vaccum for you.

The Breeze BR71BR02 bagless sled vacuum cleaner is ideal for cleaning homes with pets, thanks to the Mini Turbo nozzle with silver ion treatment, especially for pet hair. With A + energy classification, it guarantees lower electricity consumption, assuming greater energy savings. 

Advanced high-quality cyclonic technology reduces cleaning time by up to 50% thanks to the constant high suction power. In addition to ensuring maximum separation efficiency of the particles stored in the large capacity tank (2L), filter maintenance is minimized due to the powerful centrifugal force

Efficient and comfortable cleaning, offering excellent cleaning results, great suction power and extraordinary filtration efficiency.The durable cyclone system ensures long-lasting performance by preventing dirt blockages and reducing maintenance.

Practical and hygienic emptying of the tank, with a large capacity (2L). It makes the most of your hopper capacity by allowing you to collect large amounts of dust, empty it less frequently and save time.

  • Low Energy Consumption.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Eeasy tank empty.
  • Special pets and parquet.
  • Not found.

Guide to Buying Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

As always, if you have doubts about how a good sled vacuum cleaner should be and so that you can choose the one that best suits you, we have prepared this practical guide for you.

Advantages of using a bagless vacuum cleaner

The main advantage of having a sled vacuum cleaner is that you will have greater suction power, especially if you have a lot of carpets and several pets in your house.

Other advantages of buying a bagless vacuum cleaner are:

  • Lower price than a broom vacuum cleaner or a robot vacuum cleaner due to its simpler design, without batteries, and without sophisticated systems such as mapping. The price-quality ratio is better.
  • Certain models are suitable for both solids and liquids. This is interesting if you live in a large house and if you have exteriors such as the garden, terraces, patios, garages, etc.
  • Bagless unlike old vacuum cleaners. This is a very great benefit especially for those allergic to dust mites and animals.
  • They are comfortable to use and easy to maintain. Most filters can be washed and the tank is easy to remove and empty.
  • Easy to store and transport. As you can see (except for those that are suitable for outdoors) they are compact, small, and quite light, in addition to turning on themselves for better handling and with large wheels to move on any surface.
  • Always with the battery since, unlike cordless vacuum cleaners and robots, it works via cable.

I think the main drawback is that they are much less manageable, since you have to carry the cable behind. In addition, the flexible tube is much more uncomfortable for day to day.

What do you have to consider before buying a bagless vacuum cleaner?

  • Analyze your needs
  • The first thing you should know are the needs you have.
  •  It is not the same to have a large house with a garden, swimming pool, garage and a workshop than an apartment.
  • With the practical examples that follow it becomes clearer.

Suction power

Almost all they have the same power, between 700 and 1000 W. If you have to keep in mind something is that the vacuum cleaner has power regulation. This means that you can adjust the suction force to both a tile floor and a carpet.

These are valid for all types of homes, because the suction capacity is more than enough, even if you have a dog and several rugs to vacuum.

Of course, if you have outdoor areas and you need something more powerful and “industrial” that also sucks liquids (small amounts), I think the ideal thing is that you go for the Conga Wet & Dry or for the Kärcher Multipurpose Vacuum Cleaner WD 3.

Storage tank

The larger the volume of the tank, the longer you can vacuum without having to empty it. For a medium-sized house of 100 meters. Any vacuum on the list would do.

Of course, if you want something “semi industrial” or industrial vacuum cleaner both solid and liquid outdoors , you will have to go to the Karcher or the Cecotec Wet & Dry with tanks of 17 and 15 L. respectively and with suitable filters for it.

Vacuum cleaner noise

Taking into account that any bagless vacuum cleaner makes a certain noise of course, it is true that high-end vacuum cleaners are better insulated and less annoying. I am referring to the Bosch BGS5SIL66B Relaxx’x ProSilence with 66dB or the Philips PowerPro Compact with a little more decibel.

Size, design and manageability

The quality of construction and design will greatly influence the life of the appliance. A vacuum cleaner with good finishes and materials and with a robust and solid construction is not the same as one that when removing the deposit you feel that it is going to break.

On the other hand, we have the quality of the engine and its optimization. For example, the Bosch Silence has self-cleaning filters to always have 100% power. Furthermore, if the engine is properly designed, power and consumption are inversely proportional. That is, they offer good suction capacity and moderate energy expenditure . One such example is the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Multi Floor 2.

Maintenance. Type of filters and their cleaning

This is important so that the day to day is not so tedious. A filter that is washable and easy to remove makes life much easier. Likewise, we have to see that the tank is easy to remove and empty so as not to come into contact with the dust.

On the other hand, we recommend that the filters be of the HEPA or EPA type so that they are totally effective against dust mites and pet hair. This is very important if you have allergy sufferers at home. The list that we propose contains this type of filters.


This is an aspect that is related to the price. The more you invest, the more accessories come to you and they tend to be of better quality. We are going to give you 2 examples:

  • If you have a lot of hairs, the ideal is to buy the vacuum cleaner with a special brush for animal hair because it is more effective. This is the case with the Conga EcoExtreme 3000 because it brings you the Airbrush Brush.
  • If you have a wooden floor, we recommend you take the best parquet vacuum cleaner, such as the Hoover Sprint Evo SE51 or the Conga Conga EcoExtreme 3000 with special brushes for delicate floors.


Although we leave the economic aspect for last, we know that it is important for you. If you want the cheapest, both the Bosch GS05 Cleann’n Series and the Hoover vacuum cleaner are among the best in quality price. We have tested them and the suction capacity is good.

Within the mid-range and with excellent value for money are the Rowenta Compact Power Cyclonic bagless sled vacuum cleaner and the Conga EcoExtreme 3000.

If you are willing to invest a little more and go to a high range, the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Absolute 2 or the Bosch Relaxx’x ProSilence will compensate you for its durability, design and for how well it cleans with a consumption much lower than the rest.

Recommendations to use the vacuum cleaner at 100%

Always keep your vacuum cleaner at the foot of the barrel!

Filter cleaning

Although it is something that you already know, cleaning the filters regularly helps to always keep the power of the vacuum cleaner at 100%. In general, they are inside the tank so you will have to remove this to clean it.

Remember that the ideal is that they are Hepa filters and washable.

Brush and wheel cleaning

This may not be so obvious, but if you find that your vacuum cleaner does not move as it should, it may have the wheels clogged with hair or other dirt. In addition, it is convenient to clean the brushes also so as not to scratch the most delicate floors.

Full tank

Normally the tank is transparent and you can usually see the level of dirt it has inside. You should empty it every 2 or 3 cleaning cycles so that it does not lose suction power or so that the filters are not damaged.

Surely there are other less common considerations (read instructions) such as that you cannot vacuum liquids unless it is for it or other cleaning tips. Although we have something left in the pipeline, I think this is the most important thing.

If you were left with doubts, I think now is the time for you to solve them with the following list of resolved questions. Don’t wait any longer to decide!

What types of bagless vacuum cleaners can we find?

We must distinguish two types of household vacuum cleaners based on their operating system:

  1. Cyclonic Vacuums : Cyclonic technology was invented by the Dyson brand and tries to harness the centrifugal energy of cyclones. When they are generated inside their tanks, the particles are directed to their walls to later settle on the bottom of the container. The air, for its part, is expelled completely clean. This is an extremely efficient and powerful system that can only be found in bagless vacuum cleaners. Today, the multi-cyclone vacuum cleaner is considered the best on the market.
  2. Conventional vacuum cleaners : they lack this technology. They are limited to sucking the air together with the dirt and separating both elements using filters.

What products are necessary to clean the floor?

The recommended moppers to clean the floor of the house will depend on the material with which it was made:

  1. Wood (parquet and laminate flooring) : half a glass of white vinegar and hot water.
  2. Marble and natural stone : 100 ml of hydrogen peroxide for every liter of very hot water.
  3. Terrazzo : 100 grams of baking soda for every liter of hot water.
  4. Ceramic and porcelain : if it is not very dirty, simply scrub it with warm water. We can also pour 200 ml of white vinegar or ammonia to the bucket if it is stained.
  5. Vinyl : just use water. This material is designed not to retain stains and, in addition, it is possible to wear its color if abrasive detergents are used.

How to clean the floor according to each type?

We already know what products we should use to clean any type of floor. Now let’s see how to use them:

  1. Wood : it is necessary to use a soft microfiber mop and wring it out very well before scrubbing. This is because parquet and flooring, especially through their joints, can absorb water if it is poured in large quantities. This would result in their dilation and in the formation of bad odors. The recommended vacuum cleaner for wooden floors is the robot vacuum cleaner.
  2. Marble, terrazzo and natural stone : here, on the contrary, we must use the mop well impregnated with water and cleaning product to remove dirt more easily. A wet and dry sled vacuum will be especially useful.
  3. Ceramic and porcelain : the same as for natural stone. However, these materials are more delicate. A robot vacuum cleaner or an upright vacuum cleaner are the best alternatives in this case.
  4. Vinyl : it is the same as with wood, that is, we cannot use too much water. A robot vacuum cleaner is enough to leave it pristine.
  5. Carpet : it is the most laborious type of floor when it comes to being cleaned. Sled and hand vacuum cleaners, as well as bristle brushes, will be very useful in this regard since we will not be able to use the mop.

Tips for a perfect vacuum cleaning

These tips to clean with a vacuum cleaner are very useful in all types of homes:

  1. Plan in advance : we must establish a cleaning routine according to our needs and the time we have and respect it.
  2. Organization is key : before picking up our ergonomic vacuum cleaner, we must clear the floor to run into as few obstacles as possible and streamline work.
  3. Clean from top to bottom : that is, starting from the highest elements so that the dirt falls to the floor and we can vacuum it comfortably.
  4. Be careful with small objects : toys, socks or cables can be sucked into the vacuum cleaner and cause a serious problem.
  5. Check the vacuum cleaner : we must empty and clean the tank, verify the good condition of the filters, place the appropriate brush and regulate the power depending on the surface that we are going to clean and its degree of dirt.
  6. Perform movements from front to back : This is the most efficient way to clean the floor with a vacuum cleaner.

Common mistakes we make when cleaning the house

We can have the best bagless vacuum cleaner on the market and still not get our house to be perfect if we make these mistakes:

  1. Using all-purpose detergents : what do furniture, windows and the bathroom have to do with it? Nothing. So why use a multipurpose product and not a specific one for each of them?
  2. Clean windows on sunny days : direct sunlight makes products evaporate faster and stains on the glass.
  3. Go from bottom to top : probably the worst of all. If we start by vacuuming the floor and then cleaning the shelves, the dirt will fall back and we will have to clean it again.
  4. Wear dirty shoes : it is advisable to get used to leaving street shoes as soon as we enter the house and put on more appropriate footwear to always be at home. But when it comes to sweeping, vacuuming and mopping, even more.
  5. Keep wet sponges, scourers and rags … : this will cause odors to accumulate.
  6. … Or not to throw them away on time : the useful life of these cleaning elements is limited. At most, they should be replaced once a month.
  7. Do not remove stains immediately : the longer we leave them, the more difficult they will be to remove. This is especially evident in the case of porous floors. Also, they will attract ants and other insects.

What kind of maintenance do vacuum cleaners need?

It is important to check our vacuum cleaner before each use, regardless of the type. These are the basic maintenance tasks to last us for many years:

  1. Take a look at the tank or the bag : we must empty the dirt container of bagless vacuum cleaners before each use and replace the bag in the others when it is approximately 75-80% of its capacity.
  2. Clean the filters and replace them when necessary : dust and allergens accumulate in them and, over time, reduce their performance. They need to be changed every year or so.
  3. Check the heads : to remove hair and lint that may have become attached to any of its components and hinder the suction.
  4. Insert a reed through the tube : in this way we will be able to eliminate any total or partial blockage that has occurred, for example, when aspirating a liquid.
  5. Remove dirt from the frame : The surface of the vacuum cleaner also accumulates dirt and should be cleaned with a microfiber cloth. Special attention must be paid to the wheels of robot vacuum cleaners and sled vacuum cleaners.

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